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WOFCV2 V5-8 update is here
V5-8 is here with a crap tone of updates and more to come

version V5-8

hearts health is now random 1-10health points, maxhealth is 100points

ammo is now random, 1-100 blades

game crash glitch is fixed

cleaned up the coding

new map, which is far from finished but it is playable

new enemys

improved anti hack system

improved graphics just a little

a few mobs recived upgrades

sound glitch fixed

spell book now has animation

hearts animation changed

dirt has been changed

WOFCV2 up coming update
there is currently a new map in progress, but currently out of ideas if anyone has any ideas please post them

the screen shot is the map that is in progress, and its not playable yet, its just the start of it

maybe later there could be a multiplayer feature
next update will be fixing several glitches, the major one is a glitch that crashes the game which will be fixed in the new update
mumble server
we have a mumble server for anyone who wishes to join 500 slots/users, users can create temp channels aswell, but once you leave the temp channel its gone
ip: mumble-de.cleanvoice.com
port: 47811
ghost in a shell first assault gameplay
security update
added new auto detect security

if triggered it will auto block users for a little while

please report any known glitches with the new system
killing floor 2 gameplay
starsone gameplay[ep 2]
starsone gameplay[ep 1]
new chat system

the old chat system no longer works due to the transfer of web server providers so there is now a new one

only registered users will have access to the chat

it is not much differant from the old chat system


noticable changes

• chat is accessable from the main page

• users will not need to make seperate accounts for the chat system

• users can message multiple users privatly

• can make public group chats or private chats

• chat is accessable from mobile not confirmed

world of fizzy clouds v2

upcoming update:

1. map2 will be changed to be dark as it was attended to be

2. not sure if it will stay due to heavy impact on fps, may be able to fix that as for now its ok

deadwalkingames chat

the deadwalkingames chat is currently having issues, hopy to be back up soon

update: the chat is fixed how ever its slightly unstable

  • user list not functional, it will show no one is online untill they write something and sometimes still dont show that the user is online
  • private chat rooms will randomly kick the user out, mostly happens withen 3min


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